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US entry waiver: frequently asked questions

If I received a pardon for my offence(s), do I still need a waiver?

Yes. US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) does not recognize a Canadian pardon. If you try to enter the US after you have been told you are inadmissible, you risk being banned and possibly deported.

Is an approved US waiver permanent?

US entry waivers are granted by the Admissibility Review Office (ARO) for a maximum period of five years. Permanent waivers are no longer issued; however, it's possible that the ARO may determine the nature of your criminal past does not require a US entry waiver. In this case, you will be notified of such with what is referred to as a September letter.

How much does a US entry waiver cost?

The CBP filing fee is US$585. You will also be responsible for RCMP fingerprinting, between CDN$50 - $100. Our fees vary depending on the type and amount of charges.

How soon after my conviction can I apply?

Unlike a pardon application, there is no waiting period before you are eligible to apply, but enough time must pass to allow for reformation and rehabilitation. The severity of your past offence(s) will be a determining factor.

What is involved in applying for a US waiver?

Homeland Security has particular requirements for US entry waiver applications. We thoroughly prepare your documents and submit your waiver application.

The result? You save yourself stress, and you're able to cross the border much sooner.

How long will a US entry waiver take to be approved?

You will receive your US entry waiver within several weeks of applying and most likely will be approved for the maximum five-year term.

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