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A criminal record can stop you

from entering the United States,

including airport stopovers and

passage through US waters.


Waivers, Pardons & File Destruction

You need help with your criminal record – we help people just like you. We do our job, and we do it well. We take care of the details, ensuring your application is properly completed and promptly submitted.

You can count on us to be:

UPFRONT – We give you the straight facts. Clients appreciate our honesty and effective approach.

FAST – We have the experience required to resolve the issues surrounding your criminal record as quickly as possible.

RELIABLE – We always make time for our clients and are available should any concerns arise.

AFFORDABLE – We take great pride in charging an honest fee for honest services.

We’re proud of our service and success record. Nobody will work as hard on your behalf as we will.

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We have been helping Canadians since 2007.

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