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Toronto Police Service file destruction

The Toronto Police Service (TPS) allows for the submission of file destruction requests. According to the TPS, non-conviction records are charges that have been withdrawn, acquitted, dismissed, quashed, discharged, stayed, have a finding of no guilt or not criminally responsible, or pertain to individuals entered into a peace bond or a diversion program.

Like most police services, they have eligibility conditions. You cannot have any criminal convictions on file or charges before the court. And any stay of proceedings, peace bond or discharges must have expired.

Notably, one of the conditions listed by the TPS differs from almost any other police service in the country, that being: the offences an individual has been charged with cannot be listed as a primary designated offence or secondary designated offence as defined by the Canada Criminal Code.

If you were acquitted, had your charges withdrawn, dismissed or quashed you can submit a file-destruction application five months after your last court appearance. For a stay of proceedings, peace bond, absolute or conditional discharge, you will have to wait until after the expiration date before you can submit your application.

As part of our service, we will compile the necessary information, complete and submit your application. A receipt is issued along with a file number by the TPS within a few weeks. After the destruction has been finalized by the RCMP, the TPS will send a letter of confirmation the process has been successfully completed.

However, due to the primary and secondary designated offence criteria, many applications can be denied arbitrarily based on that rule alone. The good news is they allow for an appeal process, which can be filed within 60 days. If necessary, an extension to the 60-day period can be granted.

The appeal process involves an explanation of the arrest and charges from your point of view. We will prepare your appeal; it can include:

  • court records

  • written explanation outlining the events leading up to the arrest, as well as details about your life and background, past and present. This allows the TPS to get a better idea and understanding of you, the individual. We take great care to write it for you to ensure the TPS sees the person you are, not the person you were made out to be.

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